Ellis Wilson, R.Ph., MBA


Ellis Wilson
Ellis Wilson, R.Ph., MBA
Vice President, Clinical Operations

Ellis Wilson serves as Vice President for Clinical Operations at EmbarkNeuro.  Ellis brings nearly thirty years of clinical drug development experience to this role, and across his career has developed a reputation for delivery, leading high performance teams, and excellence in outsourcing.

Ellis’ work experience includes large pharma, biotech and CROs.  Large pharma experience includes Novo Nordisk, Merck, and AstraZeneca, where he gained exposure to increasingly important and complex clinical development programs.  At AstraZeneca he led the team that created business cases for Seroquel in MDD, GAD, sleep, and behavioral disorders in the elderly, and subsequently lead the clinical development team for Seroquel in MDD and GAD.  Ellis also led the delivery of the landmark Bolder I and II studies in bipolar depression.

CRO experience includes four years at PPD where he was responsible for neuroscience strategy and, in his last year, was responsible for building and galvanizing service offerings to meet the emerging COVID-19 challenge.

Ellis is originally trained as a pharmacist, with graduate degrees in Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs, Healthcare Administration, and an Executive MBA in Pharmaceutical Marketing.